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Teenz Next is the voice of the young urban Nepali. The content is a hip and happening blend of topics as diverse as fashion, technology, trends, sports, events, and even social issues like eco-friendly practices. Worked on by young people, writing on issues that are important to them, it is the most widely read youth magazine in Nepal.


  • Highlight current trends among our young audience.
  • Update teenagers on latest fashion, technological, and educational trends.
  • Encourage reader interactivity through reader- submitted creative writing pieces.
  • Share true life experience.
  • Provide a platform to teenagers where they can have ownership of a publication designed for them.


  • Attractive and brilliant visuals
  • Interactive content
  • Providing a platform for teenagers
  • High quality production


  • Educated, aware and discerning Nepalis that aspire and lead active and healthy lifestyles
  • Primary targets
    • Teenagers
    • Readers in their early 20s
    • Corporate businesses
  • Secondary targets
    • Parents of primary targets
    • Schools/Colleges and teachers
    • Local restaurants/eateries, shops, malls, frequented by primary targets


  • Fashion
  • Education
  • College advice
  • Technology
  • Entertainment – music, movies, books
  • Relationships
  • Sports
  • Fiction
  • Expert counseling
  • DIY (Do It Yourself)
  • Youth Idols
  • Expert opinions and tips
  • Other contemporary issues

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