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VenturePlus is a monthly magazine in English that caters to the ideas and aspirations of young Nepali entrepreneurs. Its content is full of stories that act as a guide to aspiring entrepreneurs, with tips and suggestions from more experienced parties. In-depth, inspirational features on entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship allow aspiring entrepreneurs to understand the challenges before they set out with their ideas. All of this is packaged with a design that is young, playful and fun, drawing a perfect line between work and play, just like entrepreneurs do.


  • Supporting, nurturing and promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship in Nepal through idea-driven, relevant local content
  • Creating an eco-system where entrepreneurship can flourish by acting as a bridge between various sectors
  • Creating a platform for entrepreneurs using which they might get easier access to resources pertinent to their enterprises


  • Exciting feature stories, creative illustrations and data-driven infographics related to Nepali entrepreneurs and local entrepreneurship


  • Local entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ideas in the fields of technology, art, culture, media, agriculture, tourism, food etc.


  • Nepali youth who aspire to be entrepreneurs and believe innovation and value creation is the need of the hour in Nepal

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